Scripts / Guiones

Film and television scripts written in English 

Through Time 
My first two novels have been adapted for television into fourteen 60 minute episodes

Genre: Historical Drama/ Romance/ Fantasy
14 x 60 min. episodes

Log line: The discovery of a mysterious manuscript brings together the lives of three women committed to finding themselves amidst the struggles of their time.


Claire Gordon tries to overcome her broken heart and the limitations of Victorian England writing a medieval fantasy with princes and princesses, magic and mystery.

In 2004, Andrea, a Spanish student doing an MA in London, finds part of Claire's manuscript and some of her letters. Whilst striving to rebuild her life in a foreign environment, Andrea embarks on an adventure to recover the rest of the manuscript and to unravel the mystery surrounding its author.

Among Shadows 
My third novel has been adapted into a feature film script.
Genre: Drama/Romance/Fantasy

Log line: A  gifted  teenager,  protected  by  an  unusual  ally,  is  swept  into  a  battle  between  the   forces  of  light  and  darkness  to  overturn  a  corrupt  secret  society.

Acacia is a happy teenager, a gifted student who is loved by everyone. She also happens to have a peculiar guardian angel who has been her companion since she was born. However, when her true identity is revealed, her perfect life and everything she has always believed in crumble around her.

On a journey of self-discovery that takes her from a quiet farm in South-West England to the oldest university in the country and its dark secrets, she won't only learn who she is, but will also develop her powers and confront those who want to manipulate her.

None of the scripts have been produced yet. Please email me for further information.

La adaptación televisiva de mis dos primeras novelas, Manuscrito en el tiempo y El retorno de los bardos, consiste en 14 capítulos de una hora de duración.

También mi tercera novela, Entre sombras, tiene una versión como guión cinematográfico.

Los guiones están escritos en inglés y no se han producido todavía. Si tienes interés en ellos, puedes enviarme un email.

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